• Jens Martin Oddershede
  • Mark Aarup Mikaelsen
4. semester, Akustik og Audioteknologi, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This report describes and documents the measurements, analysis and improvement of the acoustic conditions during emergency response in the danish ambulance, model 2008. A series of measurements were carried out, and an analysis of the results led to parameters describing the acoustic properties of the ambulance. The highest SPL measured during emergency response was 68.2 dB(A) LAeq,1s, where the most prominent exterior and interior noise sources were wheels and vibrating equipment respectively. The noise from exterior sources can be reduced significantly by increasing the window thickness and insulating the doors and body with 25 mm glasswool. Interior noise resulting from vibrating equipment can be reduced by improving the suspension system, the equipment mountings or both. Additional improvements such as door closing mechanisms and attenuation of the siren were proposed. Furthermore, a number of possible future studies were suggested.
Udgivende institutionAAU, Department of Electronic Systems
ID: 17606401