• Morten Holdt
The motivation for this master thesis stems from an observation regarding the lack of education towards the elderly in the subject of IT-security. In a digital world it is important that every member of society is aware of how to interact with this world in a correct manner. Research shows that public spending in this specific matter is not substantial, and that there are not enough offers to the elderly who want to learn. Therefore this thesis explores the possibilities of creating an e-learning course on IT-security which is designed especially for the elderly.

In exploring the possibilities of creating an e-learning course on IT-security for the elderly this thesis studies which didactic and usability elements the e-learning course must contain. In doing so I use Human Computer Interaction as my methodology. Through qualitative research and relevant theories I build prototypes and with these prototypes I explore which elements are needed. I do this by involving the user (the elderly).

The thesis concludes that in order to build an e-learning course it is important to involve the following; It is important that the course involves user interaction. It is also important that the user learn in an active, reflective and explorative manner. It is concluded that the course needs to be simple and specific. It is also concluded that elements that facilitate motivation need to exist within the course. Regarding usability elements it is concluded that the course needs to be simple, easy to use and be aware of the previous experience of the user in order to make the user competent in using it. It is important to stress that more research is needed and that the final products of this thesis are prototypes and therefore must not be seen as a final and finished product.
Udgivelsesdato1 jun. 2016
Antal sider60
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