• Christian Clemmensen Møller
4. semester, Virksomhedssystemer, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This Master’s Thesis has been conducted at Aalborg University during the period February 1st 2017 to September 2nd 2017 as a finalization of the Master's Degree program in Operations & Supply Chain Management at the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. The thesis takes its theoretical foundation in selected elements from the subjects of the Master's program, including Total Quality Management and standardization regimes. Also an academic interest in the emerging Danish drone industry, which these years is growing increasingly market share at a global level, has laid the foundation for thesis. Danish drone service companies are well advanced in the development of components for drones, but especially in the use of drones as services for a wide range of industries such as agriculture, construction and media production, Danish drone service companies are currently among the world's leading in their field, thanks to ambitious national growth conditions. The overall hypothesis of this Master’s Thesis is that the Danish drone industry can achieve a significant competitive advantage in the global market by implementing international standards for operational procedures for the use of drones. This is based on a hypothesis that international recognized operational procedures will partly increase the interoperability of the drone industry with foreign players, thereby strengthening its global growth conditions, partly enhancing safety in the use of drones while helping to streamline the operations of the Danish drone service companies and create better quality in their data collection.
Udgivelsesdato2 sep. 2017
Antal sider102
ID: 262098356