• Hamidreza Hansen
3. semester, Værdikæder og Innovationsledelse, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Activities in the North Sea Region (NSR) are expected to intensify, diversify, and expand further offshore. One way to make use of the increased offshore activities is to decarbonise and “electrify” the large industries of the sea, including shipping and service activities. This research as a sub project in the PERISCOPE project, has answered the research questions using the morphological boxes, Thematic analysis and structural analysis and has also achieved the research objectives. Based on the research objectives, this research has improved the existing knowledge in the field of electrification of the seas. The research identified applicable configurations for electrification of the seas. While neither such overall configurations nor their plausibility is in the literature review. Understanding how each configuration is plausible in this research, is an arguably necessary for electrification. Deeper understanding of affecting variables for each configuration and identification of the strategic variables by MICMAC software, is a base for future entrepreneurships in the seas.
Udgivelsesdato3 jan. 2021
Antal sider60
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerUniversity of Aarhus, BSS
Matthew John Spaniol matt@mgmt.au.dk
ID: 397892064