• Dan Uhrenfeldt
4. semester, Politik og Administration, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
This project is about the increase in complaints from people receiving sickness benefit. Furthermore the project focuses on North Jutland. The problem statement is as follows:
What is the reason for the increased amount of complaints from people receiving sickness benefit in Region North Jutland?
To answer this question I interviewed 4 different people, who all work for the unions: 3F and HK. I decided to interview two from each union. I made the interview questions from some hypotheses, which I produced from commonsense and theory, for example Anthorny Giddens theory of identity. Thereby I gathered the necessary empirical data, which I needed. I then included the theoretical terms, and analyzed the data. But the most important part of this project must be the thematization, where I summed up, what I had found in my empirical data. The theory was mostly included to make the empirical data more understandable.
The problem in this project is, that the job centers, have become stricter in the handling of the sickness benefit cases. And furthermore this was due to the fact, that the government through process regulation had made the rules stricter. Which meant that the local authority was not paid Reimbursement after 52 weeks. The people on sickness benefit therefore became a 100% expense for the local authority.
From this I conclude that the reason for the increase in complaints was due to the fact, that the local authority has become stricter due to the stricter rules of Reimbursement.
Udgivelsesdato23 feb. 2011
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