• Selin Suzan Topcu
  • Oliver Sjur Ohlsen
4. semester, Teknoantropologi, Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The purpose of the thesis is to uncover what values and challenges the craftsmen working in the Medieval City in Copenhagen are facing if the car traffic gets reduced. The thesis is made in collaboration with the municipality of Copenhagen, the Technical and Environmental Administration. In order to investigate the values and challenges, the craftsmen are facing, the thesis has been supported by theories and methods as, post-phenomenology, value-sensitive design, concepts from Jan Gehl and the Slow City movement, and ethnographic methods focusing on interviews. The aim has been to create recommendations and suggestions in order for the Technical and Environmental Administration to integrate the craftsmen more in the townscape. Based on the empirical and theoretical framework, the thesis illuminates what values arise in the craftsmen’s practices and what role the craftsmen’s tools are playing in the constitution of their identity. As the thesis is concerned with the Medieval City, we investigate how the craftsmen are using the infrastructure, how they are an integral part of the city. Lastly, we intend to formulate what possible technical suggestions that accommodate our recommendations, in order to include the craftsmen more in the townscape.

Keywords: Post-phenomenology · Value-Sensitive Design · Jan Gehl · the Slow City Movement · Urban design · Ethnographic methods
Udgivelsesdato3 jun. 2020
Antal sider82
Ekstern samarbejdspartnerLene Bjerg Kristensen
Lene Bjerg Kristensen lebjer@kk.dk
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