• Anouk Cervera Rodriguez
Due to the emerging relevance of brand authenticity in the marketing field and its importance for a company’s log-term success, the aim of this thesis is to investigate the influence of perceived brand authenticity on millennials’ consumer buying behaviour. To identify which is the impact that authentic brands have on millennial consumer behaviour the following dimensions are analysed: quality commitment, heritage, and sincerity. Then, brand love is examined as a direct outcome of brand authenticity and finally, to predict how the love towards a brand impact millennials’ purchasing behaviour, the behavioural outcomes namely continuous purchase intentions and willingness to pay a premium price are studied.

The research is based on a quantitative method which comprises an online survey which is aiming to assess millennials’ consumers. Importantly, Generation Y mainly from Spain, Denmark, and other European countries contributed to this study and the data was recollected from a total number of participants of 125. PLS-SEM analysis technique and SmartPLS 4.0 software was used to complete the data analysis in this study.

The results analysis indicated that perceived brand authenticity dimensions namely quality commitment, heritage and sincerity had a positive impact on brand love, which favourably affected millennials’ behavioural outcomes. Therefore, the research enabled me to verify the principal hypothesis of the thesis.
Udgivelsesdato22 aug. 2023
Antal sider53
ID: 546863861