• Jacob Theilgaard
  • Annette Dalsgaard Vilain
The aim of the thesis is to try to make a flash foresight into the future in relation to ICT integrated organizational learning and knowledge sharing. In a literature study change drivers are localized from the megatrends in learning and working, knowledge managing and organizing from the perspective of the ICT connected reality of web 2.0. A number of scenarios with hypothesis are established about the future in regard to how we create, distribute, share, apply and organize knowledge and skills through ICT, and how this will affect the way we organize and lead knowledge based work the future of work. These scenarios and hypothesis are empirically explored in qualitative interviews with selected key informants internationally as scientists in relation to ICT and learning in cooperation and learning in organizations, and Humane Resource directors or managers in relation learning and development in organizations in large enterprises. The scenarios and hypothesis is presented to the informants and they are asked to reflect and comment on them. On the following analyse and discussions of the findings the theses pose a number of concluding statements about the nature of working, learning, knowledge sharing and organizations that would promote a learning and innovative learning environment.
Udgivelsesdato30 maj 2012
Antal sider76
ID: 63446753