• Corissa Jade Peterson
  • Kristina Bilinskaité
  • Signe Juhl Koefoed
  • Hanna Kalakech Munch
4. semester, Integrerede Fødevarestudier (cand.tech.), Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
The aim of this extended master’s thesis to investigate how selected farmers’ markets in close proximity to Copenhagen are functioning, organized and whether or not provide an experience for their customers. The theoretical framework of this study draws upon three theoretical notions: Experience Economy, Event Planning & Design, and Embeddedness. These theories were chosen in order to understand what the values of customers, farmers, restaurant chefs, and vendors are in relation to farmers’ markets, and to explore the potentials for a new farmers’ market concept within this framework. Semi-structured and structured interviews with farmers’ market organizers, customers and vendors, as well as observations of the markets were the base of this research; additionally interviews with farmers and restaurant chefs were conducted to broaden the understanding of this phenomenon from different actors’ point of view. According to the findings it was found that none of the selected farmers’ markets staged an experience, which opens up for a lot of potential to enhance the customer’s experience at a market. Furthermore, it was found that in most of the cases, that the social relationships– and thus, social embeddedness–was a strong motivation for customers to participate in these markets. Another motivation for customers to attend these markets was in relation to the freshness and quality of produce, and supporting local producers–which relates to spatial embeddedness. Additionally, it seemed that markets that had poor synergy between the different foundations of event design (i.e. setting, people and management) that the markets did not function well. This lack of synergy affected various elements of the farmers’ markets, especially in regards to the setting. However, all of the markets could be seen as planned events, as they require planning in advance and organizational efforts. After the process of data analysis a conceptual proposal for a new farmers’ market in Copenhagen was developed. The intention of this proposal is to provide access to fresh, local fruits and vegetables to citizens living in the city, while supporting the business interests of restaurant chefs and farmers. Moreover, through creating a farmers’ market, we aim to provide the opportunity for interaction, and provide a sense of community and belonging.
Udgivelsesdato9 jun. 2017
Antal sider246
ID: 259413003