3C's: Catalyzing Community Coexistence

Studenteropgave: Kandidatspeciale og HD afgangsprojekt

  • Karl Emil Feldbæk Kristensen
  • Ieva Valskyte
  • Nour Moazzen
4. semester, Urbant Design (cand.polyt)., Kandidat (Kandidatuddannelse)
Cities are increasingly becoming an arena
of conflict. Conflicts in cities manifest themselves in
different ways. In this Thesis the focus is on contested
cities - urban conflicts rooted in differences such as
culture, language and religion. The project studies
how conflicts impact on the urban environment
and the social layers, and the point of departure
of examining contested cities is a case study of
the city Famagusta located in Cyprus. Hence the
thesis addresses an inclusive urbanism focused on
reshaping physical and mental borders in order
promote coexistence in contested cities.
The theoretical research focus on three
themes: contested cities, memory of place and the
public realm, and together with the analysis of the
past and present situation in Cyprus and Famagusta
it provides the foundation for suggesting a future
scenario for the island and city.
From theories it clear that public realm and
public space are important features of the urban
environment in order to facilitate coexistence
between communities. However as the analysis of
the present shows, there are not many quality public
Moreover the future scenario frames the
strategic approach, where the points of interest are
used to define the public space network including
public transport system and the social infrastructure.
Social infrastructure provides places for everyday
activities to take place and these places defines where
the conceptual design intervention takes place.
Hence the public space network is comprised of
social infrastructure for everyday activities, that are
accessible and of such a quality that it encourage
social interaction and coexistences.
The thesis suggest strategies and physical
interventions to promote social interaction in the
public space, which in time will foster coexistence
and heal the fragmented public realm.
The thesis provides an approach to catalyze
community coexistence in contested cities.
Udgivelsesdato23 maj 2018
Antal sider198
ID: 279687163