• Høgni Carlsson Kamban
6. semester (FYS6), Fysik, Bachelor (Bacheloruddannelse)
The goal through this report is to study the behaviour of single electron systems subjected to weak electric fields. The main focus is to calculate the polarizability of different quantum systems. First, a couple of simple systems will be considered, such as the infinite square well, for which it is possible to obtain an analytical expression for the polarizability. The goal of this chapter is to demonstrate how the polarizability can be calculated analytically. In the second chapter, more complex systems will be considered. For these systems, no analytical expression for the polarizability can, in general, be obtained. The goal here is therefore to develop methods that are capable of numerically calculating the polarizability for these systems. Finally, chapter three tackles the problem of time-dependent electric fields. For these systems the polarizability will generally be a frequency dependent quantity, and time-dependent perturbation theory must be used.
Udgivelsesdato2 jan. 2017
Antal sider42
ID: 246624363